Jan/Feb Library News Letter

Stony Creek Free Library News Letter    Jan/Feb 2018


Happy New Year

So the weather has not been co-operating.  We”ve had to close two days and close early one day last month but so did almost every other library in the SALS system- and it is only the middle of January*

We’ve missed a few Inter-library loan deliveries due to the closing of Route 418.  The delivery service will figure out the best routes and we should be back on schedule soon but in the mean time, come to the library and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read!**

Looks like some of our Patrons came by on Monday the 15th but we were closed for MLK Day.

Please check our website for our holiday closings.

I have started to post new acquisitions on the website- so take a look at all the great stuff coming in.

Once the weather gets better we’ll be having some fun events.

We are rescheduling the Natural Dye Workshop. It will happen in May.

This Summer we will have a workshop on Digital Photography conducted by Carl Heilman.

In the next few weeks the inside of the library will get a little paint job.

We have reorganized the Children’s section as well as the Adult non-fiction so finding that book you’ve been meaning to read will be so much easier.**

The library received a grant last year to purchase a 55 inch flat screen.  It will be mounted very soon so we will be having movie night/afternoon.  Stay tuned for when and what!

I’ll be away Feb. 11-18 but Sharon will man/woman the ship!

The Friday night concerts at the Town Hall have started up. Please check our facebook page or the current Penny Saver for a list of Musical acts.

I have put out a suggestion box so let us know what you might like to see happen at your library.




*Winter weather advisory:  The library is subject to unannounced closings- delayed opening and early closing during severe weather events and hazardous road conditions.