Mission Statement:

The Stony Creek Free Library is a community oriented organization, dedicated to building healthy minds and spirits. We hope that by opening our doors to the community, and extending our welcome, we will provide opportunities for community members to enjoy their lives and enjoy each other. The Stony Creek Free Library is open to men, women, children of all ages, and to people of all ages, incomes, abilities, races and religions.

Brief History:

Founded on February 24, 1921, the Stony Creek Free Library has been at its present location at 37 Harrisburg Road since 1960.  The library was built on a plot of land donated by Ed and Pearl Kreinheder.  In 1994 an addition was added onto the rear of the original structure on land donated by Pat and Daniel Liebl. Community volunteers, including the Boy Scouts and residents of Rainbow Ranch constructed much of the addition.  Mr. and Mrs. James Strathren donated sixteen feet of additional land on the north side for access in the rear of the building.  In 2007 the Stony Creek Free Library purchased the neighboring, former Stony Creek Methodist church building with plans to restore the building and transform it into the new library space .  (Source of Information: recollections of Norma Hastings, past director, April 2008)  These plans were changed when it was discovered the site could not be transformed into a larger building due to code restrictions and the APA.   Plans then evolved into changing the current building into an Art Gallery/Shop/Studio called ARTirondacks, where artists could work, teach and sell their art, and the community could participate in various classes and projects to create art also.  This is a work in progress and we appreciate the help we have received from our community to make this happen. Our ARTirondacks logo